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7 Free Tools To Rank #1 On Google

By April 13, 2019 One Comment
7 Free Tools To Rank #1 On Google

follow site Article about- 7 Free Tools To Rank #1 On Google.

You want to monetize your website but you don’t have enough money to hire a freelancer or an agency or a consultant so, what do you do? Is there any middle or freeway around?
The answer is YES!

follow url Here in this article, I am going to show you how you can use 7 Free Google Tools To Rank #1 On Google.

#1- Google Search Console-

The number 1 tool is Google Search Console or we also call it the Google Webmaster tool. There are still many website owners who do not use this tool, I have also come across a few people who haven’t even heard of this tool. This tool will show you on which keywords you are ranking, what is the average ranking of your website, total clicks, total organic impressions, CTR and much more. You can also see specifically which pages are ranking and how many organic clicks and organic impressions you are getting on them. It will also tell you about the backlinks that which backlink is getting you most traffic and which backlinks are not working at all. Most people use Google Search console only to see keywords ranking but, rather it should be also used to know on which keywords you should build your content around. This tool deserves to be listed on top of 7 Free Tools To Rank #1 On Google

#2- Ubersuggest-

This is another powerful tool that you should use to rank #1 On Google. Of course Google keyword planner is there to tell you about the keywords search volume and competitiveness but, Ubersuggest will show you the long tail variations of those keywords. There is a trick- Use Google console to see on which keyword you are ranking, then check the long tail variation of that keyword on Ubersuggest and try to integrate that long tail keyword in within your site or within the pages that are ranking. By doing this, within 30 days, you will find out that your website is getting more traffic. Make sure, that you are not stuffing those keywords on your content but rather, try to integrate them it all should make sense. You can also use these long tail keywords in your title and meta tag.

#3- Yoast SEO plugin-

This is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin nowadays. Anyone using wordpress is strongly suggested to use this plugin for all your on-page SEO need. Yoast plugin will help you optimize your on-page SEO by helping you with title description, meta description, slug keyword, etc as per the latest Google rules. It will even help you with XML sitemap that you can simply plug to your google console. It has both free and paid version, use it as per your need. Yoast is the oldest and the best plugin for SEO currently. You are missing a big pie of your plate if you haven’t started using it yet.

#4- Website Responsive Tool-

go to link It tells you whether your website is mobile responsive or not. Google has made it must that your website should be mobile responsive or you are not going to rank at all on Google. Your website should be responsive to both Android and Apple devices. Google gives high priority on indexing mobile responsive and friendly website first as Google is accessed on mobile phones more than desktops. This is something very crucial that most of the people that know about. So, make sure that your website is mobile responsive.

#5  Google Trend-

source link This a powerful tool by Google which is absolutely free of cost. It shows you the trended interest in search terms and also the location where they are trending. Through this, you can see where your target audience is and by what search terms you can attract them. This tool helps you identify developing interest in search engines on your preferred locations. You can also see the popularity of your search term on a different segment like on web search, youtube search, image search, Google shopping etc. Using Google Trend is really easy to identify new and trending keywords and search phrases. I will suggest you to use country and category specific filters to know which keyword is trending also to keep an eye before it becomes a major worldwide story. Google Trend is an interesting tool and has changed a lot of recent past but, the basic principle remains the same.

#6 Keywords Everywhere-

This is an extension for both chrome and firefox browser to do keywords research on the go. To use it, you need to add this extension on your browser. This is a handy keyword research tool to get keyword ideas on the go. After adding the extension, it will send you the API key on your email address. Once the API key is verified, whenever you search any keyword on Google it will automatically show you the CPC, competition and search volume. You can also shortlist the keyword by clicking the little star sign beside. This extension will also show you some good keywords suggestions on the right side of the page as ‘people also search for’. You will find CPC, search volume and, competition. Through this, you can also look for long tail keywords on which you can rank for. This is one of the powerful tools that is supported by Moz, Google keyword planner and Google trend.

#7- Google Page Speed Insight-

The 7th and the last tool I want to mention is Google Page Speed Insight. Website Loading speed is one of the most important factors for SEO. As other tools mentioned above, this tool is absolutely free of cost. In this tool, the best part is it will show you specific suggestions on how you can make the webpages load faster. The other way you use it to check if your website is mobile friendly and responsive. This tool will help you to know why your website is loading slowly by analyzing website HTML webpages and embedded elements. Few of the suggestions that you will commonly find on Google Page Speed Insight:
Leverage browser caching
Minify & enable compression
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript
Optimize images

source link So, above are the 7 Free Google Tools To Rank #1 On Google. These tools will definitely help you kick start SEO on your own without hiring any freelancer, agency or consultant. SEO is a continuous process which requires both tricks and efforts so, these tools will definitely help you to know where to put your efforts and time. I am sure you will definitely go ahead and use these 7 Free Tools To Rank #1 On Google.

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