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7 SEO Scams You Should Avoid

7 SEO scams you should avoid

7 SEO scams that you should avoid. As digital marketing is growing, the scams revolving around digital marketing is also growing. There are so many internet scams that we hear on a regular interval and SEO scams are one of them. So, in this article, I am going to discuss about 7 SEO scams you should know and avoid.

source – Guarantee Ranking in 48-72 hours:
This is one of the offers that SEO companies give. They will give you a first-page ranking within 48-72 hours or they will refund your money. Most of the people are not aware that unless you are enrolled with paid advertising or we also say pay-per-click advertising, there is no way to guarantee first page results. To save people from this scam Google has built an entire section to educate business owners about this fact.
Secondly, SEO takes time! Search engine submission, link building, content creation, indexing, etc are some major part of SEO which can never be done within 48 hours.

go – SEO With Money Back Guarantee:
This is another popular scam done by many digital marketing agencies nowadays. This SEO With Money Back Guarantee scams revolves around some setup fees as high as $1000-$1500 which is NON-REFUNDABLE. Agencies start their service once this fee is paid. Under this, the agency guarantees you the first-page ranking within 3-6 months and if it doesn’t happen then they refund your monthly fees. This way they keep refunding the monthly fees even without even working on SEO however, the setup fee remains non-refundable

source site – Free SEO Trial:
Among all the branches of Digital Marketing, SEO is one branch that requires a lot of skills and talent. Real SEO is time taking, tedious and continuous job and so, there is no way an agency or freelancer can offer a free trial unless they are using some kind of software to complete some basic SEO service. Remember this for long that any SEO task or service done by any software is not considered legitimate and are subject to penalties by Google.

– We Have Insight Into Google’s Algorithm
This is one of the biggest scam or fraud that you will ever hear. SEO with money back guarantee, ranking within 48-72 hours ranking is still smaller than this scam.
The truth is, Google never shares any major insight of their any algorithms rather they only share hints to a few ranking factors. This means every agency or company will have the same sort of information and knowledge.
Google will never share any insight on how to exploit their algorithms as it would then bend search results in favor of companies and not searchers which on top of their priority list.

– Website Submission To Thousand Of Search Engines:
This is just one part of SEO in fact, this is just an add-on service from agencies or from web hosting companies which is on their basic package. Frankly and truly speaking there is no point of submitting your websites to thousands of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing account for around 95% of the searches done on search engines. SO, there is no point or I should say it is not a big deal to submit your site on thousands of search engines unless they are local profile.

– We Are Google Partner:
Yes, it is possible to become Google partners but, it has nothing to do with any digital marketing services apart from pay-per-click advertising. Google never endorses any SEO agency in fact, they don’t even endorse SEO! so, if any company says they are with Google or they are Google partners just ask them, So What?

-Ownership Taking Companies:
You will find many companies taking ownership of your web properties, social profiles, etc. Don’t fall for them and any of their offers. I have seen many companies ransom these properties in case you cancel their services.

So, above are 7 major scams/fraud running in trend these days that you should avoid especially the ‘SEO with money back guarantee’ one. If you ever come across any such company offering SEO with money back guarantee do read their conditions and agreement and then only move ahead with them.

Good Luck!

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