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Decreasing the bounce rate below 30%.

By December 8, 2018 2 Comments
Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

Bounce rate is a very important factor when it comes to SEO. More bounce rate happens when you are not giving value to your readers that they are looking for which eventually hurts your SERP ranking. Ideally, as per the trend bounce rate below 40% is considered good but, if you have a bounce rate below 30% then that’s simply awesome. So, here we are going to talk about the best practices on decreasing the bounce rate below 30%.

Tip #1- Use headings and sub-headings

here Don’t use large body text at once instead use heading to break up the text. If possible use sub-headings and further break the text. Using main pointers on text helps people to gage the important point of the topic and get the gist of what you are trying to say. Now the question is, why we are using heading and sub-headings? The reason is readers do not read everything that you have wrote. They don’t read between the lines. They jump from one key point to another and hence, it’s important to use headings and sub-headings to help them know what are the important points that they should follow. Also, use bold text where necessary. Decreasing the bounce rate below 30% is not an easier task but slowly gradually implementing useful tricks you can do it.

Decreasing the bounce rate below 30%

Decreasing the bounce rate below 30%

Tip #2- Never Use pop-Ups

see Pop-ups! we all know how annoying they are. Never-ever use any kind of pop-ups as it distracts the readers and most of the time as seen they bounce back from the website. Pop-ups always give an impression that you are trying to pitch something to your readers. If you have to offer something to your visitors via pop-ups then always to do it on a specific page like service or product pages. Do not ever use pop-ups on every page especially blog pages. Pop-ups are one of the biggest factors of increased bounce rate so, removing them can certainly help you in decreasing the bounce rate below 30%

Tip #3- Interlink Inner Web pages

This is important to engage readers. You should interlink the inner pages in your content but, make sure you are using the hyperlink to relevant texts. This is one trick will keep engaging the readers and will make sure that they are spending more time on your website. Don’t overuse it and make sure they are relevant!

Tip #4- Use CTA Button

Use call to action button. Make sure that visitors can identify the CTA button easily so that you can take them to the next step of the funnel. Make your CTA button is sensibly large and bright so a visitor can identify it. Lack of CTA button can make the reader feel stranded and they might bounce back so, take proper care of this point.

Tip #5- Keep It Simple

Make your website simple and user-friendly. Using of internet and browsing web is growing rapidly across the world there are still millions of user who are non-techy. So, to engage them on a website we have to make sure that website is simply built and content are at proper place. You can do it in the number of ways like using simple UX/UI design, appropriate color pattern, displaying limited ads, not using pop-ups or using as less as possible. Also, write content that is simple to understand. Don’t make your readers use a dictionary to other resources to understand what you are trying to deliver. Also, make sure that navigation is a cakewalk for visitors and able to find what they are looking for.

Tip #6- Use Videos.

Using relevant videos is the best thing you can do to engage readers. Use informative and relevant videos to make your visitors understand your services or products easily and quickly. This is one trick has proved to work wonder in decreasing the bounce rate below 30%.

Below is the video by Neil Patel on how to improve the bounce rate.

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Bounce rate is a familiar problem to most of the website especially e-commerce. Among so many ranking factors of Google, bounce rate is perhaps one of the most important ones. If your bounce rate is more there are fewer chances that you will get a better rank on SERP so, we have to make sure that we are engaging our visitors and make them stay for long on our website.




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