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Design An Awesome Facebook Page

By December 3, 2018 One Comment
design An Awesome Facebook Page

How To Design An Awesome Facebook Page.

Having a good looking Facebook page is very important to drive traffic and improve engagement. In this article, I’ll tell you some simple and easy tricks to design an awesome Facebook page.

Tip 1- Chose a high quality and relevant image.

No matter where you are using your image be it on the header, cover pic, profile or on posts always use a high-quality image. The image should always represent who you are, whether an individual or a company. If you are an individual use your image and if you are a company then always use your logo. Also, make sure that images should tell about what your profession is all about. High-quality images and videos always help to design an awesome facebook page.

Tip 2- Test different post types.

Initially, always try a different post type like images, videos, facebook live etc. Different people interact differently with a different piece of content so, in the end, it will tell you what type of post you should use majorly after the testing phase. This test will tell you what people are liking and what disliking. After post type test, you will end up designing an awesome facebook page for sure.

Tip 3- Check facebook Insight regularly

Facebook insight will tell you when people are engaging and how? If you see different demographic people are engaging differently with different post type like saying USA people are liking more of images than videos and European people are liking more of videos than images then start targeting them more specifically. It will help you to get more engagement and eventually your posts will go viral.

Tip 4- Setup shop

People are still unaware of this feature of Facebook. You can set up a shop on Facebook and start selling your products. Setting a facebook shop is very easy and simple. You can feature your best selling products at the top with or without offers and drive relevant traffic. You can also put posts related to your products.

Tip 5 – Comparison with competitors.

This tip always works no matter you are doing this on social media or on search engines. Add your competitors on facebook insight. If you see they are better than you, getting more engagements than you then quickly see where you are lacking or what extra they are doing. If possible try to mimic them in some little way but, also keep on trying your new ideas too. Comparison with competitors will also help you to design an awesome facebook page.

With these simple and easy to follow tips I am sure you will be able to design an awesome Facebook Page and eventually drive traffic and sales.


All The Best!

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