About Me

I am a Delhi based Digital Marketing advisor and consultant having an experience of 10 years in digital marketing. I am not here to ‘sell’ you the decade-old SEO packages rather a very customized, most suitable, cost-effective, efficient and complete unbiased recommendations to you and stay with you until you get desired online business. As a digital marketing consultant and advisor I have advised many companies and individuals as per their budget and vision and stayed with them until they have achieved their online goals.
After being in the digital marketing business for 10 years, I can realize that there are so many freshers, inexperienced professional who is sitting, giving FAKE PROMISES to clients and waiting for another paycheck. From the last 12-15 months especially, I often come across clients who say they were looted by some so-called ‘SEO expert’. When I eagerly ask how and why? I got amazed to know they all have the same answer- ‘SEO guy told us that he/she/agency will rank the website on the first page but, even after spending 1000s of $s and giving them 6-8 months they didn’t get any results and managed to be on the 5th-6th page.’
This is disheartening, trust me, this is very disheartening. So, here I am for all those people and organizations who have been looted or got prey of false commitments.
I am giving you a straight money back guarantee if I am unable to rank the website on 70%-80% of desired keywords on the first page of all the search engines within 3-6 months, I’ll refund all your money without asking you any single question!
If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Advisor or consultation then just send me an email with your preferred time to discuss the project and I would be glad to touch base with you then.
So, without wasting each other’s time, let’s draft a contract, get it signed and let the game begin!
Its either results or money back!
I look forward to hearing from you.