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Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

By February 21, 2019 One Comment
Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month


Learn how to create a Facebook ad campaign generating $10,000+ per month targeting both hot and cold traffic and also, an estimated amount of time you need to invest to get a winning ad. This article is for those people especially who are confused from where to start the Facebook ad campaign and how to get the best ad for themselves without investing much. So, let me take this opportunity and explain to you how can Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month without investing much.

Follow Step by Step Guide Below-


source site 1. Be ready to invest $400-$500 into ad tests for the 1st month of launch to get an optimized ad with a 3.5x Return on Ad Spend. Scale to 5x by Month 3.

2. 1st audience-Research 5 of your top competitors’ audience demographic as well as your own website visitors. Take note of repeating patterns. This will be your 1st audience to test.

Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

Your 2nd audience – upload your list of paid customers as a Custom Audience & tell FB to ‘look for people like them’ (this is called a Lookalike audience).

Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

go Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month

Your 3rd audience – take the same customer list & upload them as an LTV Lookalike. FB will identify the people who spent the most on your business & look for people like them.

3. Create one simple ad which solely emphasizes your unique value or result proposition. The ad is not yet important in this step.

4. For Lead Generation Clients: RESEARCH your target audience pain points by
A. going on Amazon Books & finding a book that has the most reviews on your topic. GO THROUGH ALL REVIEWS & create a document segmented by the following: Solutions the Author Solved, Their Most Painful Problems They Had, & Copy That You Can Use. Copy & paste the reviews that really stand out to you PLUS identify common patterns. This will help you with your copy & identify your lead magnet offers.
B- You can also look if it’s possible to skip the pain point and deliver the results what your target audience is looking for. This one will actually hit the psychic
of your audience and they will be forced to contact you. (Get in touch with me if you know this point better.)

For eComm clients: RESEARCH your competitor’s ads on Facebook by using & note repeating patterns. This will give you an idea of what type of creatives perform the highest.

5. Prepare landing page, insert pixels, & thank you page. You should not guess how your landing page is to be designed. You need to do your competitive research. ARBITRARY GUESSING IS EXPENSIVE & TIME-CONSUMING. You will not sustain a digital business profitably by making guesses. You need to use data to your advantage to make educated guesses. 6. Prepare email autoresponder

6. Prepare email autoresponder and automation.

7. Publish ad

Once your ad goes live: • Add $30/day budget for each ad set, run them until you reach 2,500 impressions
• Meanwhile, create 2 simple, educational iPhone videos of yourself that answer the most frequently asked question about your niche/the problem you are solving.
• Once you reach 2,500 impressions observe the highest converting audience of the 3
• Create 1 image ad.
• Take your 2 videos & your image ad & serve it to the highest converting audience until you reach 2,500 impressions.
• Meanwhile, create 3 of your best “copies” for 3 different ads.
• Once you reach 2,500 impressions observe the highest converting video or image ad (this is called the “creative” in FB terms)
• Now, take the highest converting audience with the highest converting creative & publish 3 ads to this audience, each with different “copy” to test against each other.

Once you reach 2,500 impressions, you have a winning ad.

Now, you need to test different ‘funnels’ to generate the CHEAPEST Cost per Acquisition. This goes through another slew of tests based on the Ad’s OBJECTIVE & Retargeting. In this step, you will train Facebook to look for your most profitable customers while at the same time market to your warm leads.

Average turn around time for this entire funnel: 2-3 months.

Trust me this is simplest of the simplest way to Create A Facebook Ad Campaign Generating $10,000+ Per Month.

Some more useful tips-

1- Recycle your superhit content.

2- Build a community(group) for your most engaged and valuable audience member.

3- Use organic post targeting-

You can target the audience for your posts based on a few options including:

Education, location, interests, age and gender
A date for your post to stop showing in the News Feed (but will continue to show in your page’s timeline)

4- Focus on Event-Based Lookalike Audiences.

5- Refine New Audience Targeting With Lifetime Value Lookalike Audiences.

6- Use the Test and Learn Tool to Reveal Your Most Effective Campaigns.
To access this tool, open Ads Manager and select Test and Learn from the Measure & Report column.
Next, select the campaign compare question in the main Test and Learn dashboard.
Now choose the two campaigns you want to compare.

7- Use a 3-Step Funnel to Structure Remarketing Campaigns. These 3 funnels are –
Level-1 Remarketing
Level-2 Remarketing

I am 100% sure by now you have the answer of How to create a Facebook Ad Campaign generating $10,000+ per month. Feel free to contact me If you face any kind of issue or if you are confused with any point mentioned above.


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