Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Facebook Marketing Strategy


Facebook Marketing strategy on how you can generate 100x traffic and business.

Do you know there are approximately 4 billion people who use social media platforms every day?
Do you know people have approx 5 active social media accounts?
Do you know people on an average spend 116 minutes a day on social media?

Now imagine if you have a proper facebook marketing strategy or I should social media marketing strategy then just imagine how much of business you can get from these platforms by putting just little efforts!

Now see some more social media business statistics-

$50bn was spent on social network advertising.
58% of organizations plan to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels
Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users

I guess, by now you can understand how powerful is the social media platform and how much business they can get you. But, the problem lies in Facebook marketing strategy, people don’t know how to leverage it and tricks they should implement to reach out to maximum people in their niche. So, here I am specifically talking about Facebook Marketing Strategy.

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Tip#1 Create an awesome facebook page

Facebook page is the face of your company so, make sure it has all features properly setup that Facebook offers so, you should know how to design an awesome Facebook page. Find some of the tips below-
-Make sure that you have your website listed on the page.
-Use your main keywords to write the description of your company on Facebook. Now, why do we do this? It’s simply because your potential customers will type these keywords to search for your products and services on Facebook. So, if you use these keywords on your profile or posts you are more likely to search by your potential audience.
– Make sure your Facebook page so simple and informative that people can know that what your page is all about, what you are selling, what’s your website and how to contact you?

Tip#2 Post Frequently

Once you have a Facebook business page set up with keyword-rich content, it’s your time to engage. Getting more engagement can simply be done by posting more, yes! it’s as simple as that. Make sure that while posting you are using correct and sufficient amount of #hastags. The more often you post the more chances are there that your potential Facebook audience will engage with relevant content. Now, the question arises how often you should post? I would say try to post every couple of hour without compromising with quality and see how to audience react to it then accordingly, adjust your posting time and content. It’s one of the important factors of Facebook marketing strategy.

facebook marketing strategy

facebook marketing strategy

Tip#3 Post Quality

The better the post quality the better would be online reputation. Do not ever use incorrect photo size or low-quality photo size else it will hamper the online reputation. Make sure that your photos and videos are not good just from technical standpoint but, also able to inspire emotions and have some humor. Emotions and humor always help you to get more engagement and get along with the audience quickly and easily.

Tip#4 Make use of already Viral Content.

Make a special place of this tip for your Facebook marketing strategy. Know about the viral content going on and create a humorous post out of it. Now, don’t get confused whether to post your own business content or current viral content. Just focus on creating 40% viral content and see how exponentially it will give you results. I am focussing more on this tip because posts with high engagement tell facebook that your content should be shown to more people and as a result, it will fetch you more audience with new customers.

Tip#5 Create a niche specific Facebook Group.

It is one of the best ways of networking and engaging with your target audience…and trust me it can get you unbelievable results. Find the best group with more audience and join them. Reasons to run a Facebook Group-
– brand awareness and engagement
– A drastic increase in your website traffic
– Content gets shared with the new audience
– promote your product and service in a different way

Tip#6 Use latest trends

Facebook, promotes content that uses their latest functionality in the news feed. Use the latest trend and you will surely get priority in the news feed. Nowadays Facebook is giving more importance to videos in their news feed over other types of content to go and broadcast your business now! Have you read about instant articles on facebook? I am sure not yet…go and read how you can make use of this feature and make most of it. Develop this facebook marketing strategy and see yourself how you can reach to newer relevant traffic. Make it a point to stay on the top of the latest trends and changes in social media.

I am sure if you keep these tips included in your Facebook Marketing strategy you will get more than your expectation and much newer audience then you ever expected.

Also, see below video on  Neil Patel’s take on Facebook Marketing Strategy-


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