How To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Site?

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how to build quality backlinks to your site?

How To Build quality BackLinks To Your Site?

I am sure you must have heard this question and even searched on google ‘How To Build quality BackLinks To Your Site’? Backlinks have always been one of the most important factors of SEO. This is something that you have to do regularly to get the desired rankings on time. There is so many Google algorithms update that comes every year but, still, Link building is still one of the key factors used by search engines for rankings. Now, when we think of backlinks couple of questions strike our mind like- what are they? How do they work? why they are important? and the most important question on how to build quality backlinks to your website?
So, here I am going to talk about how to build quality backlinks to your website and simultaneously how it will benefit the website ranking?

Tip#1- Fix Broken Links

Start with the basics. Check your site and see if you have any broken links. Broken links are the links that return the site visitors to 404 error page and as a result, it causes high bounce rate which harms the site authority. It is very easy to fix it and doesn’t take much of your time.
Just go to your Google webmaster tool/Google console
Look for ‘Google Index’ and submit the broken link under ‘Remove urls’

Tip#2- Create More Visual based Links and Content

It simply means create more of infographics and video-based content and create backlinks out of it. Infographics and videos are engaging on all platforms be it social media, forum sites, guest posting sites etc. Creating infographics is very easy and very cost effective. You can create one using Canva or piktochart and doesn’t cost you even a penny for basic infographics. After creating infographics make sure that you are submitting them on high domain authority sites like-
– InfographicBee
– Pure Infographics
– Submit Infographics
– Cool Infographics

Another way is to reach out to bloggers of your niche and request them to use your infographics in their content as your infographic will provide more value to their content that they have created on the same topic. Infographics and videos also help to reduce the bounce rate on site.

go to site Tip#3 Help Reporters

This one tactic if very less discussed on any blogs or articles I have read. If you do this tip effectively you will get the answer of how to build quality backlinks to your site. For this trick, you can use HARO(help the reporter out). Public relations should be a very important part of your link building strategy and a site like HARO is a vital tool for all your PR campaigns. HARO connects journalists and bloggers. This website basically helps journalists to meet their deadlines which in return help brands like you to their stories. HARO is the best way to get build quality and high authority backlinks to your site. Like all other things, it will also take some time of you to build relationships and reputation on the platform, you just need to be patient and keep on delivering the quality work.

how to build quality backlinks to your site?

how to build quality backlinks to your site?


Tip#4- Share your articles on Medium and Social Media.

This also one of the key way to build high and quality backlinks. It is a way of creating no-follow but, it is as effective as creating dofollow links. Whatever article or blog you are writing always make a note you are creating one copy of the same on social media and Medium site. Don’t worry it won’t come under copy content or duplicate content but, if you can create unique content for these platforms would be more wonderful. These platforms will help you to get a new audience and reach more than your expectations.

Tip#5 Take the tip from Competitors.

It will reduce your efforts to half for sure. Check your competitors and see where they are building their links and simply replicate that. There are tons of site out there that will help you to get an insight into your competitors links building strategy, you can check SEMrush for that matter. Through SEMrush you will get AtoZ of your competitors to link building strategy.


follow url Wrapping Up-

So above are the best and effective way to create quality and high authority backlinks. try these effective ways to build backlinks and see the results for yourself.
I am sure you have got the answer of how to build quality backlinks to your site? Please, feel free to share your thoughts.



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