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How to do Google Ads Remarketing with Google Analytics.

By April 10, 2019 One Comment
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enter Google Ads remarketing is a very powerful tool to advertise our business to the most relevant audience. The reason I say the most relevant audience is because we are showing our ads to the audience who have already gone to our website. So, here I am going to tell you how to do Google Ads remarketing with Google Analytics. Before we jump directly on remarketing with analytics we have to first install a remarketing tag and then create a list of the audience on which we want to do remarketing.

Set up, Remarketing Tag-

Sign in to Google Ads.
Click on the tools icon in the upper right and click Audience Manager under the section labeled “Shared library”
On the left, click Audience sources. This opens a group of sources from which you can create remarketing lists.
In the “Google Ads tag” card, click SET UP TAG.

If you’ve already set up a tag, select Edit source from the 3-dot icon 3 dot icon in the upper right of the “Google Ads tag” card. If you’re just getting the code, skip to step 6.

Select which type of data the tag will collect, standard data or specific attributes/parameters.

You can also choose to include the user ID parameter with the tag. Including the user ID parameter allows you to pass a user ID to the tag for each website visitor, which enables features like cross-device linking.
If you select specific attributes or parameters, you can choose the business type that best represents your products and services.


This button will say SAVE AND CONTINUE for an existing tag.

see url When the installation screen appears, your global site tag and event snippet will be ready for use. You can copy the code, use Tag Manager, download the tag, or email the tag to a webmaster.

The global site tag must be added into every page of your site. The event snippet only needs to be added into the specific pages you want to track for dynamic remarketing events.

Click DONE.
In the following “What’s Next” confirmation screen, click DONE again.

So, these are the steps to install the remarketing tag on the website. Well, you can also do remarketing without installing Adwords remarketing tag. For this, you need to make sure that your Google analytics is connected with your website and also with your Adwords account properly. For this, you can directly start with creating audience list and go on with creating remarketing ads.

Now, you can create an audience list on both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Here in this blog, I’ll teach you how you can create a remarketing list inside Google analytics.

Create a remarketing list-

1- You can create a segment inside Google analytics which you can use as an audience for Google Ads remarketing
2- You can directly create an audience list inside the admin section of google analytics.

Let’s start with the 1st option of creating a segment inside google analytics-

Step1– Go to google analytics> click on audience> click on overview

Here on this page, you can easily see an option ‘Add Segment’, click on that. After clicking you will see multiple options of creating a segment like- Bounced sessions, mobile traffic, made a purchase, etc. You can use any one of them as per your requirement. You can also create a custom segment by clicking on the ‘New segment’ option. You can create a custom segment depending upon demographics, behavior, traffic sources, etc

Step2– Once you have created the segment go back to the audience overview section. There you will see your new segment name beside which there will be a drop-down menu icon. Click on the drop-down icon and then click on ‘build audience’.

It will take you to the admin section of your google analytics which will allow you to create a new audience based on this new segment. Here you will get 2 options i.e Audience definitions and audience destination where you need to put the audience name and connect your AdWords as destination respectively.

So, that’s it! This is the first way of creating a remarketing list under Google Analytics.

Now, the 2nd way is to create an audience list inside the admin section of Google analytics. Find the steps below-

go to site Step1 – Click on Admin section> under property scroll down to ‘Audience Definition’ and click on Audiences. On this page, you will see an option to create a ‘New Audience’, click on that and create an audience as per your requirement. Apart from this, you can also import a segment like the one we just created.

Isn’t it simple to create audience list for remarketing?

SO, we have discussed How to do Google Ads remarketing with Google AnalyticsNow, we are done with all the basic steps needed for remarketing. You can start creating remarketing ads and once you have established ads performing well you can start with dynamic remarketing ads.

Also, learn how to optimize Google Ads and pay the lowest CPC.


All the Best

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