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How to do Keyword Research

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how to do keyword research

How to do Keyword Research


Keywords are the basics of SEO. This is the first thing you do before doing any kind of digital marketing so, you can sense how important it is to select the best keywords for your digital marketing campaigns. And as keywords are the baseline of any digital marketing campaigns so you have to know how to do keyword research.

here 1- Brainstorm Keywords-

Sit down alone or with your team and think of all the keywords that are relevant to your business both short-term and long-term keywords and find a way how to do keyword research. While doing this, make sure that you are thinking like a customer and not as an owner. Think of all the keywords that you think your relevant customers will search on Search engines. There are 2 most important things that you need to consider while finalizing the keywords-

– Search Volume:
More the search volume more is the popularity of the keywords. Don’t simply select the keywords looking at the search volume but, also make sure that keywords are relevant to your business. There is no point of selecting keywords which are lesser related to your business.

– Competition:
Competition, here simply means how likely it is to rank your webpage for the phrase? Start with keywords that are less competitive and try to rank the website on them, once they ranked to start with high competitive keywords.

How to do keyword research
2- Study Your Competitors

The simplest way to choose keywords for yourself is to see what keywords your competitors are targeting. If you follow your successful competitors thoroughly they will work as a mentor for you, guiding you not only about keywords but, also where you should build backlinks. There are multiple ways to see what keywords your competitors are targeting
– access their page source code, do a CTRL + F (find) for keywords and, voila, you had a plethora of information you could use for your own webpage on a similar topic.
– You can use SEMrush. Enter the competitor’s domain name and will show you what keywords they are using and also where are they building backlinks.

get link 3- Use Keywords Research Tool-

There are many keywords research tools available nowadays so, there is no need to re-invent the wheel here. Some of these tools are free to use and some require the fee, most of them need one-time and others require a monthly fee.
Personally speaking, I like 2 keywords research planner the most, one is Google Keyword Planner and other tool I use the most is Google trend. Google Keyword Planner shows you the search volume of the keywords along with the keywords competition. The other tools you can use is-

go to link -SEMrush:
After the Google Keyword Planner, this is the best tool available. You can use it to find long tail and short tail keywords. It can also provide you the details of Traffic stats along with AdSense CPC, Search Engine Reports and other details important for effective SEO of your site. SEMrush

best keyword research software-LongTail Pro:
This is a paid tool to do the most comprehensive keywords research. Well, through this tool you can do both short and long tail keyword but people mostly use it do long tail keywords associated with your niche.

-IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator
This tool is used to getting local keywords ideas so, it is mostly used for local business. To learn How to do Keyword Research in IMforSMB, you first need to choose the business type then service type and in the last step, give your service location. After providing all this detail, just click on Generate Keywords and you will get all the results.

4- Prioritize Keywords Based On User Intent-

This means refining the keywords list and prioritizing based on user intent. This helps you group keywords by what you think the audience is searching for. Cross check your newly chosen prioritized keywords with the competition each category faces once more, just to know what you will be up against. Don’t throw anything out just because it seems like it could be harder! Just maybe put it off until later or keep the challenge in mind when putting your hard-earned research results to use.

source url 5- SEO Vocabulary related to Keywords-

-Long Tail Keywords: These are long term phrases that your target audience uses to search for your business on search engines. These are important because they have lesser search volume, higher clicks, lower keyword difficulty and easier to rank.

– Cost Per Click(CPC)- As the name suggests, it means the cost we pay to search engines for every click. When you are advertising on Google, Facebook, it costs you money and it is when you pay to focus on CPC. Please note that if your CPC is high and conversion then you are most probably targeting wrong keywords.

Keyword Difficulty- It simply means how hard it is to rank your product or service on that particular keywords. As said before, always start with the keyword with lesser competition and once you have ranked on them start with more competitive keywords.

That’s it!

I am sure you would have understood how to do keyword research in the easiest and effective way possible and also know how to do keyword research.. Please, make sure that you have invested sufficient time on keywords research as this is the baseline of SEO


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