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How To Optimize Google Ads And Pay Lowest CPC

By April 1, 2019 No Comments
How To Optimize Google Ads And Pay Lowest CPC

So, this article is about how to optimize Google ads and pay the lowest CPC. After spending so much time In Digital Marketing I have realized one thing that Google Ads is as important for businesses as SEO but, the only thing that hurts the businesses most is you have to continuously spend money on Google ads to get returns, unlike SEO. That said, trust me, Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective advertising channels for both small and large businesses if you know tips and tricks shared below.
After looking into Google ads dashboard for so many companies, I have realized more than 90% of them commit almost the same blunders which unknowingly forces them to shed more money without giving any better return.

click Before I share the tips, first I want you to understand what is Quality Score and how much money do you save by getting a high-quality score.


In Google Ads, if you don’t know what quality score is, then I am sure you are doing all wrong.
It varies from 0 to 10(best) and depends mainly on 3 factors which are- Ad copy, landing page and keywords relevancy. A quality score is also directly proportional to Click-Through-Rate(CTR) which is calculated by:

watch Now, let me show how much money you can save by scoring high Quality Score-

QS 10- Discounted By 50%
QS 09- Discounted By 45%
QS 08- Discounted By 36%
QS 07- Discounted By 27%
QS 06- Discounted By 15%

QS 05- Google Benchmark

QS 04- Increased By 26%
QS 03- Increased By 66%
QS 02- Increased By 152%
QS 01- Increased By 40%

enter site Now, let’s start with the blunders businesses make and how to improve it.

#1- Improve Quality Score:

As mentioned above, Quality Score is the backbone of your Google Ads and so, it should be the first thing to work upon. The better the Quality Score, the better will be the ad rank and lower will be the cost-per-click so, it becomes very important to improve Quality Score. As the table is shown above, you should always focus to get above 5 or better. Now, let me tell you how you can improve the Quality Score-

– Optimize the landing page by making it user-friendly and providing them all the relevant details. Make sure that the landing is 100% relevant to the keywords you are targeting
– Put your main keywords on title and meta description and, also on the display URL.
– Make an ad copy targeting the pain point of the target audience which can force them to click.
– create an ad group for a few sets of keywords or the best is if you can create an ad group for every keyword.

#2- Using Negative Keywords:

Using negative keywords are very important. It will certainly help you to get more relevant keywords which will eventually help you get more conversions. It will also help you to avoid budget wastage on irrelevant clicks. Most numbers of Adwords account I have audited have never used negative keywords for any of their campaigns so, please using negative keywords.

#3- Use Search and Display ads separately:

Make a strong note of this point! These 2 networks are completely different from each other. They work differently, target differently and, campaign optimization is also done differently. So, it’s better to create different ads for each one of them so, you can see what’s working, ad spend and separate parameters to take care of while optimizing them.

#4- Avoid Broad Match Keywords:

Yes, avoid broad match keywords as much as you can. You can only use it if you have a huge budget or if you are doing brand awareness. You can never expect a good ROI by using broad match keywords. I will suggest you to use exact match or phrase match the most as by using them you will get far more relevant clicks.

#5- Use of Ad extensions:

Most of the advertisers don’t use it because it makes ads look bigger but, I will strongly suggest you to use at least call-out extensions and structured snippet. Using them both will help you advertise your product or services efficiently. You can also link your inner pages through ad extensions. They also help you to improve your quality score, ad rank, and CTR.

Improving Adwords ROI is not a big task. If you use just some simple tricks especially the above ones you can double your ROI in a few days. I consider Google ads as one of the most beneficial and easy to use advertising channel. I hope the above tricks will help you in knowing How To Optimize Google Ads And Pay Lowest CPC.

All The Best!

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