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Check SEO Strategy in 2019

SEO Strategy In 2019

By November 18, 2018 One Comment
SEO in 2019

SEO Strategy In 2019


Google keeps on updating itself, and SEO trends keep on changing consequently and so, you should learn about SEO strategy in 2019. So, Google acts, and we react by generating SEO trends.SEO in 2019 is a highly talked about topic, and there’s a buzz already about the way it is going to change. So, what SEO in 2019 will be like.

SEO in 2019

SEO in 2019

Let’s us walk you through it-

You’ve to know RankBrain to decode the SEO strategy in 2019

SEO in 2019 will be dominated by RankBrain. Now, if you don’t know about RankBrain, unfortunately, you are lagging behind the other digital marketers. Know why? Because Google has recently announced that RankBrain has been their third most important ranking parameters. So, let’s start our guide with RankBrain.

As the name suggests, it is a machine brain which helps Google in evaluating the ranking of  all the contents submitted to Google.Basically, it is the mastermind behind Google’s SERP. But how does it work? It measures how the users interact with the Google content and the content accordingly. But RankBrain doesn’t work single-handedly, it needs dwell time to decide the rankings of the content.


Without keeping an eye on Dwell time of your website, you might fail.

Now, dwell time? Don’t know it yet?

Okay, let us tell you. Dwell time is the time spent by users on a webpage. In fact, believe it or not, but Dwell time is one of the major ranking factors behind Google’s ranking. So, the more time a user spends on your web page, the more is the chances of it’s higher ranking.

Now, let us get to some inference. To boost up the ranking in 2019 and to understand SEO better, you’ve to be extremely selective with the content, and any compromise with content quality may result in losing the ranking. This is because RankBrain and Dwell time are directly and indirectly dependent on the content you feed for the users.


click here Make your website Mobile Friendly for SEO in 2019.

Around 96% of Google browsing is done through mobile phones. And you already know that the era has shifted to the small screens of mobile. So, Google likes the websites which have their mobile indexing done.

Now, if you think mobile indexing is something different than the normal site index, then you are being mistaken. Mobile indexing simply means the mobile versions of your website. Google scans the mobile versions of your website; hence this mobile friendliness plays a major factor in ranking.


Google Desperately Needs Speed.

Google exactly knows how people have become highly impatient, and it tries to cater the users best by satisfying their need for speed.

Did you get this all? In short, if you want to be in Google’s good book, then you have to be speedy and swift. If your website’s loading time is slower, then you have lesser chances of being on the results of Google, and this goes vice versa. Now, Speed is yet another extremely important factor to consider for SEO strategy in 2019.


go site GDPR is important now.

GDPR compliant is General Data Protection Regulation which is passed by EU. Under this, you have to ask/inform the user prior to saving the cookies. Now, if it’s a regulation so, it obviously has to be important. And this is going to be a new factor which will affect the Google ranking in 2019. Now, if your website isn’t GDPR compliant yet, you should better get it done ASAP.

Last Words-

Excited about working on SEO strategy in 2019? We are excited to see the amazing results that you are going to derive. However, this is not the end of the world, and there’s a lot and a lot to be done for SEO, but the points which we have listed are enough for a good and rocking start.


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