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Tips on Getting Higher Rankings and More Traffic

By November 28, 2018 4 Comments
Tips on Getting Higher Rankings and More Traffic

Tips on Getting Higher Rankings and More Traffic


go to link According to a study by Infront the first page of Google SERP receives around 95% of the total traffic! It’s a daydream for millions of websites over the internet to find themselves on the first page of the SEPR and so, let me tell you best tips on getting higher rankings and more traffic. But SERP wisely chooses only 10 web pages for it. Now, this SERP ranking depends on a lot of factors. And here we’ll exactly deal with the tips to get higher ranking and high traffic on your website. People go crazy over finding the secret keys and strategies to get higher ranks and traffic, but it isn’t that difficult.


Tips on Getting Higher Rankings and More Traffic

go to link Tips on Getting Higher Rankings and More Traffic


Know Google Algorithms better!

Google keeps on updating itself because it knows that changes are must! In fact, would you believe that on an average there are 500 to 600 major-minor changes per year in Google’s algorithms? So, you have to keep yourself updated with it!

But how would you know the changes?

If you are aware and updated enough with smarter tools like Moz, then you’ll always know about the all the changes in the algorithms. Specifically, the Moz Google Algorithm Change is all you’ll ever need!

So, what’s next?


source Know where you stand!

Yes, you need an analysis of your current rankings in order to plan a strategy. So, for this, you can use the SERP tool and know the real-time rankings of your web pages. Now, start by knowing your site’s issues and correct them. You need to know what are the issues in the website like issues related to canonical tags, issues related to SEO and a lot more.

For this, you can use either AHREFS or SemRush. You simply have to add an account and the tools will crawl the entire website to get the complete report on issues. So, you can manually solve the issues to get the website’s health better than ever!

Optimize the speed!

This is one of our favorite tips on getting higher rankings and more traffic! Google loves the website which has super-fast speed. Now, you need to check your website’s speed using Pingdom test and once you get the reality check, just start working. There are a lot of tools which will help you in optimizing the website’s speed to the maximum!

Is your website Mobile friendly?

This is one of the prominent tips to get higher ranking and more traffic. You have to make the website ready for mobile because around 96% of Google browsing is done through mobile phones. So, make sure you are not lagging behind.

How about some keywords?

Yes, you have to stuff multiple keywords on which users conduct their research but make sure they make sense and goes as per the content. Now, by doing so, you would give Google multiple options to push you on the top of SERP.

Add some quality content!

The quality content is one of the major keys to secure higher rankings and high traffic because Google majorly judges your website by the content you put on it.

Wrapping up

These were the major tips on getting higher rankings and more traffic. We hope when you implement our tips, you get some amazing results. You can also hire the best digital marketing expert or consultant to know what suits better for your business.


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