Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

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Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?


I am going to answer the most asked question, Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site? In this new digital era, digital marketing has become a need of all type of businesses. People are focussing more on digital marketing than traditional marketing and the fact is on average digital marketing has been proven to give a better return than traditional marketing.

Now, when we come to Digital Marketing there are different branches to it like-
A- Social Media Marketing
B- Google Ads
D- Email Marketing

The second question arises which digital marketing branch is the best for your business? The simplest answer to this question will be- if you are looking for long-term gain without investing much money but time then go for SEO blindly but, if you want to get quick results by investing money and not time then blindly go for either social media marketing, google ads or email marketing.

The third and the most important question that I very often come across is, Why is Google not ranking my site even after doing all necessary things continuously? Every search engine marketing has the ultimate intention to rank high on Google so, they can get more traffic, more leads and ultimately more business. In this article, I am going to talk about why your website is not ranking on Google and what you should do to rank it higher. This articles will definitely stop people from asking the question Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

1- Copied/Spinned Content-

For Google, content is still the most important factor to rank any website so, it becomes very important to focus a lot on your website content. Before you write any content make sure that you have spent good time selecting the keywords best suited for your business. If you do this perfectly you will never be asking yourself ‘Why is Google not ranking my site’? Make sure you have below points at the place for writing a quality content-

A- Unique Content- How unique your content is? have you copied it? or Are you using spun content for your site? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you won’t be able to rank your website on the first page of Google ever! So, make sure your content is unique.

follow B- Informative- The best part of writing an informative content is people will spend more time reading it which will eventually reduce the bounce rate of the website. To write informative content you need to address people’s problem and making sure that you are solving it with every minute details. You can use infographics and videos to make content informative.

C- Grammatically Correct– Write grammatically correct content. Readability and grammatically perfect English build a reputation of your website and business.

source link 2- High-Quality backlinks-

Backlinks are the second most important factor to rank any website on search engines. Low-quality backlinks or 0 backlinks are the main reason of website not ranking on Google. Now, what does low-quality backlinks means? It simply means getting backlinks from low quality or spammy websites. Google algorithms are very quick to notice these backlinks and quicker to penalize them. It might get you higher rankings on search engines but, eventually, you will see lower organic rankings or even you might get banned by search engines. To get the best strategy for Linkbuilding just simply check your competitors link building strategy through SEMrush and get an idea on where you should start building your backlinks. Just follow your competitors’ strategy and I am sure you will end up in a very good position. You can outrank your competitors on backlink through guest posts, link reclamation, business directories and resources pages. If you don’t want to check your competitors on SEMrush then simply make sure that you are building links on high DA sites.

3- New Websites-

New websites are comparatively difficult to rank as compare to older websites. Ranking new websites on competitive terms take lots of efforts and time so, it is better to first try on long-tail or less competitive keywords and once you have built some authority then go for competitive keywords. Customers who use long-tail keywords are likely to be further along in the buying cycle because they know exactly what they want. While you are writing content and creating backlinks on your new sites also, note that your website is also getting indexed by Google and other search engines. You can check if Google has indexed it by typing in to view all of the indexed pages on your domain. As the website gets older you will start getting more traffic and higher ranking if you simply focus on creating unique, quality content and creating high authority backlinks.

see url 4- Mobile Responsive-

A ‘responsive’ website is the one which will adapt to a format that is user-friendly for a particular device and also to different browsers. Over half the website traffic comes through mobile phones so, it becomes very important to make a mobile-responsive website. Google and other search engines promote the website that has a greater user experience. You can check the mobile-friendliness of your website by using Google’s Mobile friendly test tool. It will also tell you issues with the website so you know what to fix to give website visitors great user experience. In case you find out that your website is not mobile-friendly, consider switching to other better themes.

Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

click here 5- Google My Business and Local Citations-

Tell Google that you are a business and simultaneously let the world know that you are business and how easy is to find you. List your working hours, address, photos and other mentioned details on Google My Business. Once you have put your location on GMB, it will automatically generate directions for people looking for your business.
By Google My Business, you will see your business information displayed on the right side of SERP in a ‘box’. You can also control and see your Google review through GMB.

Now, coming to Local Citations. Local Citation is a listing of your business which is indexed by search engines and helps you rank organically. These local citations are the places where people go to search for your services and learn more about your business. In some of the listings you will be allowed to include your name, phone number, and business and on some other platforms, you will be allowed to create an entire business profile.

If you follow these above factors I am sure you will never have to ask the question- Why Is Google Not Ranking My Site?

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